How We Rate

S-P-L-I-T: Service, Puzzles, Look, Immersion, Theme. These are the five components that we look for when we rate and review an escape room:

Service: Did the staff members go above and beyond in providing customer service?

Puzzles: Were the puzzles difficult? Were they intuitive? Were they innovative?

Look: How much effort was put into the art direction of the room?

Immersion: Did the room have a certain sense of urgency? Did it feel like more than just an escape room?

Theme: Were the puzzles and look of the room thematically loyal? Was the backstory substantial? Was the theme unique?

Each component is rated on a scale of:


4, the lowest score a component can receive–particularly because we still want to give credit to a component, and any score below would be downright mean–indicates a component failing to meet standards and needing significant improvement. 10, the highest score, indicates a component setting the bar and succeeding exceptionally.

Lastly, our Overall section provides a summary of our overall feelings and thoughts about the room. The individual components may not necessarily reflect our overall satisfaction and enjoyment of the room. A room can get lower S-P-L-I-T scores, but still get a high overall credit simply because, well, it was fun.

Overall scores are rated on a hierarchy:

  1. Diamond-Texture-Pattern-picspaper-comDiamond: Maximum satisfaction. A must-try.
  2. etall-shiny-detailed-scratched-texture-background-d-render-62055359Platinum: Great room. Highly recommended.
  3. Tv1IU1JGold: Good room. Enjoyable and fun.
  4. silver-955496_960_720Silver: Average room. May be more suited for newer participants.
  5. 26d2eeec77d856d697e55ddd0e03962f--bronze-background-psdBronze: Below average room. Needs improvement.
  6. 28286958-coal-texture-after-volcano-eruption-lava-solidified-Stock-PhotoCoal: Cannot be recommended.