Soft-core torture porn.




  • Website: Exit
  • Address 10534 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2A4
  • Private Booking: Yes
  • Price: $25 per person
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Linearity: Linear
  • Group size: #medium
  • Player Level: #competent
  • Features:
  • Premise: “‘You have just received the greatest opportunity of all time,’ the voice, which you now realize is coming from the TV, continues, ‘a chance to leave your name in the annals of time, to join the legendary ranks alongside Jack the Ripper, the Zodiac Killer and Giovanni!’ Those names send a shiver down your spine; you don’t know what this Killer’s Game is, but all you know is that you don’t want to be associated with it.”


Service eighteight eighteight
Puzzles fivefve sevenseven
Look five sixsix
Immersion sevenseven sixsix
Theme five sixsix


Service eighteightPAULIE

The staff here was friendly when we came on a Saturday evening. They were still all smiles, even after we’ve asked for our fourth hint (when the maximum was three). However, the fact that they don’t tell you what happens when you don’t escape was still as annoying as ever.


The staff here were fantastic! What I’m not a fan of is the company policy of not revealing what happens if you don’t break out. I understand that some people might want to come back and complete the rest of the room, but I really feel that there should be an option to see the rest if you don’t break out.

Puzzles fivefvePAULIE

There were several portions to this room, and the puzzles got progressively worse with each portion.

I’m not even sure if you can technically call them puzzles. Looking back, they were more riddles than puzzles. I acknowledge the fact that they were referencing the movie Saw, and the movie series does have a lot of riddles. However, the puzzles here consisted of opening a locked box and getting a piece of paper with a riddle. No props or a physical puzzle involved. Just a piece of paper with a riddle written on it, kind of like an adult version of what you would solve in elementary school.

That’s fine and all, but in the final portion of the room, half the puzzles were dead giveaways. We opened a box and we got a piece of information that had a code to open the next box. That’s just plain laziness.


I actually thought that the puzzles in the first 2/3rds of the room weren’t that bad! They were quite creative and just very different from the usual logic puzzles that we see. Like Paulie said, they were more like riddles, with one or two logic puzzles thrown in.

Where the room really fell flat for me was the last 1/3rd. The puzzles were frustratingly uninspired and just such a stark contrast to the creativity (and occasional convolutedness) of the first part of this room.

Look PAULIEfive

I appreciated how striking this room looked as soon as we walked in. It really looked like we were taken to the movie set of Saw. However, the more I spent time in the room, the less I appreciated the nastiness. There were bloody (Halloween clearance bin) body parts all over the room, as well as brown paper mache made to look like poop in the toilet, which was just really unnecessary and added nothing.

The latter portions of the room were bare and sparsely decorated, with black walls and just the locked boxes.


Aside from one interesting set-up, there wasn’t anything really special with this room. There was the usual gore up until the last part, which was surprisingly bare.

Immersion sevensevenPAULIE

Immersion should be inherent (and automatic) in horror-themed rooms. If a room does a good job, you would feel scared. That should be the ultimate goal of horror rooms.

They did a so-so job here. It was dark and loud which was expected. However, once you get over the sight of blood and gore, you’ll shift from feeling anxious to feeling annoyed by the room, thanks mainly to the lazy and inane puzzles.


Many of the puzzles were in fact riddles, which means that a lot of the procedural thinking happened in your mind instead of while interacting with what was set up in the room. The decreased physical interaction with the room elements as well as the short-lived feeling of uneasiness are what contributed to this score.

Theme fivePAULIE

Saw-inspired. Blood. Gore. Body parts. Mutilation. Corpse. They did what they could with the theme but the execution left something to be desired.


Admittedly, I haven’t seen the Saw movies, but I do know the general premise. That said, this room didn’t exactly feel like an insane killer was playing around with us. There were some written messages here and there that tried to tie together the gory mess into a cohesive theme, but it didn’t quite get there for me.

Overall PAULIE26d2eeec77d856d697e55ddd0e03962f--bronze-background-psd

This room gets a #bronze. We did this room when it was raining after midnight. We should have been scared. We came out feeling annoyed. If you’re more of a riddle kind of person, then you might enjoy this room. I most certainly didn’t.


This room gets a #bronze for me as well. While I can appreciate the different approach to the puzzles that this room took, the room just didn’t come together for me.

  •  Completed: August 20, 2016
  • Escaped? No (5 people)
  • Our Time: 0:45+
  • # of hints used: 4

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