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  • Website: Logic Lock
  • Address: 10336 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 1Y7
  • Private Booking: Yes
  • Price: $25 per person
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Linearity: Nonlinear
  • Group size: #medium
  • Player Level: #competent
  • Features:
  • Premise: “The case of Sherlock Holmes has never been closed, Who ever took him left clues behind in his room for Dr. Watson, and it’s your job to collect all of the pieces of the puzzle and to locate Sherlock.”


Service PAULIE

We did Sherlock as a beta test. We won’t be giving quantitative reviews as the staff has surely remedied the room’s shortcomings at the time of writing this review.

When we were walking up the stairs, we got a big “WELCOME BACK!” from the manager, Thomas. It always feels nice whenever staff remembers us. When we were in the room, we had a few setup and tech hiccups, as expected with beta testing, but the staff was very considerate and helpful. After we finished the room, they chatted with us for a long time and asked us for extensive feedback.


I’m Ralph, and I’ll be writing the review in Ben’s place for Sherlock!

I was a bit surprised when Thomas said welcome back when we were climbing up the stairs, but it’s a good example of how great their customer service is.

Since this was a beta, there was also a lot of discussion after about the room, and escape rooms in general. Ben did most of the talking, but it was still interesting to listen in.

Puzzles PAULIE

This is advertised as Logic Lock’s most difficult room, and the guys working there are certainly proud of this distinction. While the room was indeed difficult, it wasn’t undoable by any means.

What I particularly appreciated is that they don’t mislead you by giving cryptic clues or ask you to think about farfetched connections. As soon as you get in, there are several puzzles immediately available at different stations. It’s just a matter of you calling dibs on which one you want to do.

There is also something to be said about the creativity in this room. While you still have the usual number, letter, and direction locks in the first half, the second half becomes a bit unorthodox. You get to take on the role of Sherlock and sharpen your ability to search for details to get to the conclusion. This was a fresh take on escape room puzzles that was integrated seamlessly into the storyline.


I liked how there was always something someone could be working on in this room. Since we did this with 3 people, we were all busy the whole time.

There’s a lot of cool things in here, like using a microscope and a lockpick, and there was also a directional lock, which was different for me.

The puzzles that you could do at the start weren’t too hard, but they got harder as you got further in the room. There were a lot of moving pieces in the last couple of puzzles and there was a lot to put together.


If you’re a fan of BBC’s Sherlock, you’ll recognize this room right away. It has the same feel and look and it’s very British in its own way. It’s still the same brick walls (similar to Warehouse and Poltergeist), but it was actually appropriate here.


It looks a lot like Sherlock’s study would: There’s a mix of both art and science. I liked how there was also a lot of space to move around without it feeling too empty

Immersion PAULIE

The hints were delivered through prerecorded soundbytes by the characters in your room’s story, similar to other rooms at Logic Lock. This is the company’s trademark: No one comes in and breaks immersion, and, at the same time, the integrity of the story stays intact. This, along with how the puzzles in this room allow you to interact with the room, lead to a very solid feeling of immersion.


Paulie talked about the hint system already, which is one of the most unique things about Logic Lock and something that keeps you immersed in the room.


We found out that Sherlock is a public domain which means anyone can just use it as a theme and not pay for rights. They certainly maximize the theme here, as every puzzle, task, and decor feel Sherlock-y. The seamless integration of the story becomes the cherry on top.


Sherlock is a great escape room theme, but I liked how there were references to BBC Sherlock and Elementary. It was nice to connect certain parts of the room to BBC Sherlock, since I haven’t seen the Elementary version. I’m sure there would be a few things in there that are related to Elementary, but I can’t comment on them!

Overall PAULIE

Overall, this is an excellent room to try if you’ve done both Warehouse and Poltergeist at Logic Lock which is always consistent with delivering solid, immersive, and story-driven rooms. Don’t be turned away by the high difficulty rating, it’s a very doable room that caters to different player skillsets.


This is a great room for bigger groups because there’s always something to do. The puzzles are really creative, and I liked how there was a strong story behind the room.

  • Completed: August 19, 2016
  • Escaped? Beta Test
  • Our Time: 0:45+
  • # of hints used: 3

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