The grass is always bloodier on the other side.

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Service eighteightPAULIE

The folks at Arcadia Adventures are always very professional and courteous. The one shortcoming was when we asked them to explain a puzzle we weren’t able to solve at the end. It took two people to finally provide the solution.


They got us in and out quickly and efficiently while still being friendly.

Puzzles nineninePAULIE

The puzzles started strongly. That initial quality remained consistent throughout our side of the room.

They weren’t groundbreaking by any means. If you’ve done a few escape rooms, you’ll recognize the mechanics for most of the puzzles. What it lacked in originality it more than made up for in variety. There was enough here to appeal to everyone’s strengths in your group.


Like A Golden Acquisition, there was a good variety of puzzles here that kept you thinking in different ways. My side had a puzzle that needed some outside knowledge, which I’m not a fan of because it skews the difficulty of the room depending on whether or not your group knows the answer. That said, I thought that the rest of the puzzles were interesting and well-executed enough to look past the one outside knowledge puzzle!

Look nineninePAULIE

When we opened the door on our side, we were immediately taken outdoors. Few rooms attempt this setting and even fewer succeed. This is in the success category. The room had an overall eerie feel that lingered in the air. As zombies who were supposed to do the spooking, we were spooked.

BEN sevenseven

Our side did look appropriately lab-like, but I felt like there was something missing. It was the typical scary clinical setting, but I didn’t find that there was anything that set it apart from other similar “escape the lab” themes.

Immersion eighteightPAULIE

This is a room that aims to accomplish two things: Create a spooky atmosphere and create a sense of competition between the two teams.

They succeeded with the atmosphere part. I wish they made the competition aspect a bit more prominent. It was almost nonexistent in our experience. We were told it was player vs player at the start. When we were actually in the room, we already  forgot the other team was competing with us.


I agree with Paulie – there wasn’t anything in the room that made it feel like it was a competition other than the initial story blurb. It would have been great to hear some zombie noises or something every once in awhile to remind us that there are, in fact, zombies on the other side of the lab door.

Theme nineninePAULIE

Zombies vs scientists was a highly original twist. It was easy to just sell this as a PVP room and forget about the story. I appreciate that they were able to incorporate thematic elements into this type of game mechanic.


The theming in this room was great. The puzzles were all relevant and I loved how the room ended. It was fun, memorable, and satisfying, which I think isn’t very common in escape rooms!

Overall PAULIEetall-shiny-detailed-scratched-texture-background-d-render-62055359

 This room gets a #platinumPVP rooms are always tricky because your group will always emerge with two different experiences. Although we were on the losing side, we still had a great time. Definitely try this room if you’re getting weary of the cooperative nature of escape rooms.


I give this room a #platinum. I don’t know what the end looks like for the zombies’ side, but I have to say that the end for the scientists is a lot of fun!

  • Completed: January 28, 2017
  • Escaped? Yes (2 people – Scientists)
  • Our Time: 0:45 (/1:00)


  • # of hints used: 0

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