Mummy, we’re trapped in an ancient pyramid again.

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  • Website: Trapped
  • Address1139 Kensington Rd NW
  • Private Booking: Yes
  • Price: $25 per person
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Linearity: Linear
  • Group size: #small
  • Player Level: #rookie
  • Features:
  • Premise: “In 1996, a small team of explorers entered the Great Pyramid complex in Giza, Egypt in hopes of discovering a legendary sarcophagus. None have returned and their bodies were never found. Could the curse of the pharaoh really exist? 2 decades later, you and your team decided to enter the same complex and uncover the secrets of the king’s tomb. However, mysterious forces have led you astray and you can’t find a way out. Will you be trapped here forever?”


Service eighteight ninenine
Puzzles five sixsix
Look ninenine ninenine
Immersion sixsix sixsix
Theme five sixsix


Service eighteightPAULIE

Trapped finally had their highly anticipated opening in spring this year. Located in busy Kensington, they feature an impressive multi-floor facility. The service was off for a few reasons: Construction was ongoing next door so all we could hear was drilling and hammering. One of the doors leading to the next room was already open when we first entered our room, leading to unnecessary confusion from our part. We also had to waste time and wait for a replacement lamp.


We went to Trapped a couple of days after their official opening day. When we arrived, we found out that we had actually booked the wrong day, but the staff were very accommodating in getting us into the room regardless. Like Paulie mentioned above, there were some issues with the reset and one of our lamps, but overall, I appreciate their effort to accommodate us a day in advance.

Puzzles fivePAULIE

…what puzzles?

For a room that showcases a massive size and space, the puzzles here were basically nonexistent. We got to the second room and it was nothing but a scavenger hunt for two small objects. Their minimum player count of 4 is bogus.


There was unfortunately not a lot to do in this room. We had some nice puzzles right at the start, but we quickly found out that there wasn’t a lot more as we progressed. I think there was also one puzzle that needed some outside knowledge relating to Indiana Jones.

Look nineninePAULIE

It resembled a room that you would find at Universal Studios, or a set to a big-budget blockbuster movie.


What the room lacked in puzzles, it made up for in its decor. Even the walls in this room looked great! I just wish that we would have been able to interact with more of the decor in a puzzle.

Immersion fivePAULIE

My disappointment with each succeeding puzzle we solve just continued to build up. The room ended on a whimper rather than a bang.


I personally did not feel too pressured to complete this room. Part of what took me out of immersion was the feeling of “that’s it?” after completing one part or puzzle.

Theme sixsixPAULIE

An anemic attempt at an Indiana Jones-type theme. It was like being presented a beautiful sarcophagus and opening it with nothing of value inside.


It did look appropriately pyramid-like, but the connections between the theme and puzzles were quite weak.

Overall 26d2eeec77d856d697e55ddd0e03962f--bronze-background-psdPAULIE

This room gets a #bronze rating. With so much hype around Trapped, this first room we tried was such a disappointment. Go to admire the production value, but don’t go to solve puzzles and have fun.


I’m giving this a #bronze It might be good for a first-time escape room goer, but the lack of puzzles really was quite disappointing.

  • Completed: April 2017
  • Escaped: Yes (4 people)
  • Our Time: 0:25
  • # of hints used: 0

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