The art of the steal.

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  • Website: Breakout (Edmonton)
  • Address: 6111 101 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6A 0G9
  • Private Booking: No
  • Price: $25 per person
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Linearity: Nonlinear
  • Group size: #medium
  • Player Level: #competent
  • Features:
  • Premise: “This art gallery has been set up with a state of the art security system so retrieval will not be an easy task. You will be faced with the chore of breaking through several security doors only to make it into a laser activated maze. Make it through the maze undetected and you may find the diamonds.”


Service ninenine ninenine
Puzzles sixsix sixsix
Look five sixsix
Immersion five five
Theme five five


Service PAULIE ninenine

We were late by a considerable amount of time and they were forgiving enough and still let us play.

BEN ninenine

Like Paulie said, we arrived way past our start time, but they still let us in, which was great!

Puzzles PAULIE sixsix

The puzzles were heavily marred by the failed use of technology. This is one of those few rooms that focuses on technology anchoring the puzzles, instead of the other way around. The setup was a bit too ambitious leading to a string of “Oh, did we not do it right? How come nothing is happening?” moments. I appreciate the attempt at creativity and being out-of-the-box, but the effectiveness of the puzzles was compromised.

BEN sixsix

I actually liked some of the puzzles here, but the tech that was involved in each of the puzzles made for a frustrating experience. We would be doing a puzzle correctly, but the tech was unresponsive. We ended up spending quite a bit of time on some puzzles that we were already doing correctly.

Look PAULIE five

Again, technology was in the foreground here. There were exposed wires, buttons, and dials all around the room to make for a very unpolished finish.

BEN sixsix

This room was a little bare. There wasn’t too much going on, and what little there was, I did not find very impressive.

Immersion PAULIE five

We spent more time figuring out why the tech was not working (and watching the staff members come in and out of the room figuring out why the tech was not working) than actually playing the room.

BEN five

Overall, I found myself frustrated with this room because of the faulty tech and the weak connections between puzzles.

Theme PAULIE five

Another heist-themed room – hooray! The only difference is, there was no sense of urgency at all in this room. It was like rallying your troops to attempt an adrenaline-pumping heist, only to feel a sense of surrender midway through the experience.

BEN five

Conceptually, the puzzles made a little bit of sense given the theme of a diamond heist, but there wasn’t anything special about the room in terms of looks or puzzles that really made this seem like a diamond heist.

Overall PAULIE28286958-coal-texture-after-volcano-eruption-lava-solidified-Stock-Photo

This room gets a #coal. Breakout East is usually consistent with the quality of their rooms. This one sticks out like a sore and faulty thumb.


Unfortunately, this room gets a #coal. I would hope that the tech issues are resolved before other people try this room.

  • Completed: January 2017
  • Escaped? No (4 people)
  • Our Time: 1:00+
  • # of hints used: 3

2 thoughts on “DIAMOND HEIST

  1. So happy to see these new reviews up! We were really hoping Diamond Heist would be a winner, but after seeing this review and #yegescaperoomroundup, we wonder if it is even worth playing.


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